Silicon Valley Energy Summit
June 24, 2011

Main Sessions - McCaw Hall
Arrillaga Alumni Center, Stanford University

Federal Energy Policy – Cathy Zoi, Silver Lake Kraftwerk    

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California Energy and Climate Policy under the Brown Administration
Mary Nichols, Robert Weisenmiller, Jim Sweeney (moderator)

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California's Carbon Policy: Implementing a California-Specific or California and Regional Cap-and-Trade
Michael Gibbs, Lawrence Goulder, Richard Morse, Jim Sweeney (moderator)

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Keeping the US Competetive in International Markets
Francisco Sanchez – US Department of Commerce
Bill Watkins – Bridgelux
Nancy Pfund – DBL Investors (moderator)
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Net Zero Bay Area: Getting There through Public/Private Networks of Innovation
Jim Keene, Rafael Reyes, Phil Williams, Catherine Sandoval, Marianna Grossman, Yoriko Kishimoto (moderator)
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California's Energy Future: The View to 2050
Jane Long, Jeff Greenblatt, Heather Youngs, John Weyant (moderator)
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Closing Keynote – Arun Majumdar, Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA-E)    
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