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Understanding and Managing the Risks

Bay Area Air Quality Management District, 50th Anniversary Symposium - June 20, 2005

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Steve Schneider acted as a catalyst for San Francisco Bay Area Climate Action. In June 2005, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District celebrated 50 years of public service by hosting a symposium elevating the climate discussion among Bay Area governments, corporate and civic leaders. As only he could do, Steve delivers a fascinating, informative keynote, "The Hazards of Climate Change: A Precautionary Approach" much of which was new to the audience, triggering a new level of commitment by elected officials and business leaders throughout the Bay Area to look at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. An organizer described working with Steve as follows: "We found Dr. Schneider to be a brilliant, humble, humorous person. He was gracious and informative as we prepared for the keynote, and he was able to translate highly complex information into mentally digestible pieces.... Dr. Schneider helped spark BAAQMD's passion to leave its own climate legacy."

Blue Planet Summit - April 4, 2008

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Steve Schneider was asked participate as a keynote speaker and panelist in the Blue Planet Summit, convened in 2008 to bring together a working group of scholars, activists, governmental officials and other leaders who were invited to meet to develop a blueprint for a 2009 Global Clean Energy Summit modeled on the Davos World Economic Forum events and to convene and televise 2 high-level panels on clean energy. Summit participants included U.S. Senator Daniel Inouye, an early supporter of renewable energy in Hawaii, Governor Linda Lingle, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Dr. Heidi Cullen, and Ramsey Taum. Speaking about "Climate Change: How Do We Manage the Risks?" Steve was asked to cover:
-The critical urgency of our climate and energy crisis.
-An update on the IPCC's conclusions and impacts; the climate crisis; the impact of humans on the climate and vice versa; UN Policy; US Policy (what is and what should/could be).
-A timetable for how soon major climate impacts will be felt, and what are the deadlines for taking serious action to reduce GHG.

Cornell University - April 29, 2009

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