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Ethics and Values

Chicago Latin School - January 19, 2010

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Steve was invited to speak at Chicago Latin, as a part of the school's LIFE program-the Latin Initiative for Ethics-launched in 2002-2003. The program is designed to engage students in the ongoing study and debate of contemporary ethical issues. Through a broad range of prominent speakers and small-group discussions, students become more aware of contemporary ethical issues and sensitive to the complexities involved in ethical decision making. The 2009-2010 program, focusing on "Ethics and Science", concentrated primarily on health care reform and climate change. Steve spoke to 400 students grades 9-12 on "Climate Change Policy: More Ethics than Economics?" and later met informally with students in AP science classes and the student leaders of LIFE. Steve is clear and funny as he talks candidly to kids who are the next generation, the people who will have to find solutions to the complex critical global problems left to them by us.

Waterloo Unlimited Lecture - May 18, 2010

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Humanity on Trial - May 29, 2009

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On Creativity with Michael Killen - April 1, 2010

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