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Business Opportunities and Challenges

2010 CTO Forum - February 10, 2010

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Steve spoke about "Understanding the Climate Change Challenges" to CIO leaders, brought together during the 2010 CTO Forum to think out-of-the box and find solutions the industry's most pressing problems through collaboration and the application of advanced, multi-disciplinary technologies. The theme of the meeting was "CIO Opportunities in Carbon Downsizing, Enterprise Greening & Business Renewal." Steve summarizes some of the key findings about the nature and causes of climate change from a recent Intergovernmental report, defines terms, and indicates the principal advances that have been made in our knowledge of the causes of climate change, focusing on an example of a so-called "fingerprint" study, which is a statistical comparison of patterns of climate change in observed data and in model predictions. He talks about why we all have a stake in advancing the science and the importance of private/public partnerships to demonstrate and deploy viable low-carbon solutions.

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CTO Forum - 2008

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Steve spoke to business leaders about "Global Warming Solutions: Choosing Among Efficiency, New Technology or Pollution Taxes". He explains how to credibly approach the complex systems science of climate change by determining what aspects are well established, those that have competing explanations and those that are speculative. He describes the process of how the risks are assessed by looking at the preponderance of evidence over 30 year trends globally. There are an increasing number of systems at risk the more we add to the warming and the longer we delay action to cut emissions. As Steve says, solutions to the problem are about trade-offs to improve quality of life and doing it in such a way that doesn't degrade quality of life down the road. Such viable solutions depend on business participation and leadership.

Asilomar: Geoengineering - March 24, 2010

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