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EIPER Joint Masters Program Symposium – June 2, 2011

Edward Castaño

Scaling Residential Energy Efficiency Retrofits


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Sam Hodges & John Krzywicki

Assessing the Viability of Integrated Wind Power Generation and Transmission Systems


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Jay Ryu

A Thermolytic Approach to Diesel Pollution Abatement


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Ashish Jhina, Dan Tuttle & Florian Weidinger

Creating Ecosystem Innovation in Water and Sanitation Infrastructure


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Kimiko Narita

Looking Forward: Creating a Framework for Federal Marine Spatial Planning in the Gulf of Mexico in Light of the BP Oil Spill


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Megan Herzog

The Practical Utility of Rights to Water: Lessons from the Water Controversy in Phiri, South Africa


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Yohei Iwasaki

Plan for Commercializing a Novel Hydrogel Technology


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Anna Veit

Impact Analysis and Business Plan for the Non-Profit Arm of Carbon Lighthouse


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Felice Gunawan

Water Re-use at a Sweater Manufacturing Company in Indonesia


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