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EIPER Joint Masters Program Symposium – December 9, 2011

Yi Yin & Roberto Santana

The Transformation of "China Clean Energy Inc."


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Nick Halla & Sam Ramirez

FreeCarma: Empowering Drivers Through Variable Cost Car Ownership


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Ken Alston

Brazil's Wind Potential:
Opportunities for Wind Energy in a Predominately Hydroelectric Powered Grid


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Ashish Nagar

Insuring Batteries in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles


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Tom Elson, Claudine Frasch & Brendan Speechley

Climate Change and the Future of California Wine Grapes:
A Napa Valley Case Study


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Noah Smith-Drelich

Buying Health:
The Impact of a Consumer Subsidy on Vegetable Purchasing, Consumption, and Waste


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Lisa Newman-Wise

Evaluating Challenges and Opportunities: Youth Programs on Community Farms


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Peter Richmond

The Cautious Greenfinger:
Evaluating the International Law Implications of Cloud Brightening and Stratospheric Hazing


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Kevin Hettrich

The Inaugural Issue of the Stanford Energy Journal: The Future of Nuclear Energy


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