Papyrus (Latin: Cyperus papyrus) is the writing material prepared and used in ancient Egypt to disseminate tomes of knowledge.

At Cyperus Media, we are modern archivists dedicated to documenting and producing bodies of work through the present-day form of papyrus – digital media. As technicians and craftsmen, we support the exchange of influential ideas, works and artistic endeavors through high-quality, full-scale video production and more.

Based in the Bay Area, we offer off-site and multi-day engagements with a special focus on the Stanford and Palo Alto areas. Our respectful, experienced and small crew creates minimal distraction during your event or project, and our broad knowledge base ensures that your nuanced content accurately translates to video. We also offer competitive pricing and video turn-around for web or DVD needs in as little as 24-hours.

About Justin Warren, Cyperus Media founder:

A Stanford alumnus, Justin received his Doctorate in Environment and Resources. Prior to graduation, Justin worked as a flight simulation engineer, an academic proofreader, a coastal engineering consultant and a geophysical fluids lab assistant. A long-time resident of California, Justin has also lived and worked in Berlin, Beijing, Paris, Grenoble and Cambridge, becoming fluent in seven languages. As a video producer, Justin calls upon his deep and varied background to support the evolution of critical thinking, creative expression and life-affirming discoveries and connections within the fields of science, art, history, world affairs and more. (His small crew shares his vision to provide affordable, accessible and high-quality documentation to individuals and groups.)