From Live to Archive

Cyperus Media captures, broadcasts, and chronicles live events for top-tier educational institutions. Universities produce large quantities of valuable content that can be shared in the moment and for years to come—if the filming process is handled correctly. We specialize in efficient yet engaging full-scale film production that ensures your ideas, memories, and stories can reach the audiences that matter the most.


Film Production & Editing

Online educational videos, motion graphics, SD/HD, lighting & audio, DVD services


Education conferences & seminars, interviews, music and sports events, global meetings


Motion graphics, promotional short videos, customized web content, direction

"Justin and his team were just stellar. They gave us exactly what we were looking for."

~ Ann B., Stanford University

How We Work

Cyperus Media adapts our working style to the needs of the event. We listen closely to our clients to ensure their nuanced content translates accurately to video. A small but agile team, we have years of experience integrating seamlessly into the flow of events. Contact us to learn more about our off-site, multi-day engagements, competitive pricing, and quick web and DVD turn-around times.

We are based in the San Francisco Bay Area with a special focus on the Stanford and Palo Alto areas.